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Welcome to The WordsWorth Compendium

"English is such a deliciously complex and undisciplined language, we can bend, fuse, distort words to all our purposes. We give old words new meanings, and we borrow new words from any language that intrudes into our intellectual environment." - Willard Gaylin

What is The WordsWorth Compendium?
The WordsWorth Compendium consists of an application program together with a database of some 516,000 English words and phrases. The database is also used as the source of Ted’s Word Buster Conditional Database; this contains not only the words and phrases mentioned in the previous paragraph but also five additional fields of information about them.

What is its Purpose of The WordsWorth Compendium?
It was originally conceived as an aid for the solving of crossword puzzles.  It  was then further developed into a more general utility which  has proved to be extremely useful for the search and manipulation of words in all aspects of logological activities. 

The structure of the The WordsWorth Compendium
Ted Clarke's unique and original design of the Compendium lists all words and phrases of equal length in the same directory. So for example all words consisting of 2 letters are listed in one directory and all words and phrases consisting of 3 letters are listed in the next directory and so on.  This technique is applied to words and phrases up to 18 letters in length. The letters of the alphabet are assigned a number and so all words are given a unique numerical label. The computer program was designed to "read" and manipulate the words in a variety of ways.

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About Ted Clarke
The interesting story behind the mastermind who invented the WordsWorth Compendium.

The WordsWorth Compact Calendars
Another of Ted Clarke's inventions. Their origin, illustrations etc.

Definitions with Examples & Illustrations
Just a few of the subjects dealt with in Ted Clarke's new book -

The WordsWorth Newsletter
Subscribe to this amazing ezine, packed with puzzles, challenging conundrums and interesting logological anecdotes. 

Index to the Archives
You can browse the index to the Archives now.
Previous editions can be ordered in the .pdf format

The WordsWorth Compendium Software
This page will show you what the software can do!

Instructions on how to use the WordsWorth Software
Detail on how to use the software!

Index to Baby Name Lists
Find the right name for your baby from thousands of ethnic names

Index to Handy Word Lists
Find the right word from these lists

Scrabble Word Lists


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